Free 6-Week Preteen Series on the Bible

Here is a free 6-week series, The Book, helping preteens discover the awesomeness of the Bible. We’re giving it away to celebrate our 8th birthday this year! Note: This free series is 2 of 3 big packs of free stuff we’re giving away for free over the next few days, so be sure to get on our […]
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11 Back to School Games for Preteen Ministry

Here are 11 free back to school games to celebrate our 8th birthday! Note: These 11 games are 1 of 3 big packs of free stuff we’ll be giving away for free over the next few days, so be sure to get on our email list to get more free resources! A few months ago we gave away a […]
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how to have a thriving preteen ministry

How to Create a Thriving Preteen Ministry

In an effort to create a thriving preteen ministry, many leaders do something that actually ends up hurting their ministry rather than helping it. Surprisingly, the key to creating a thriving preteen ministry is very simple (yet effective). I unpack all this in a 1 minute 40 second video. Watch the video and find out how to create […]
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Preteen Lesson – God’s Love (Crossy Road Game)

Why this Lesson Is Awesome: from Nick Watch this video to find out why this lesson is so awesome and why the preteens in your ministry need to hear it. Preteen Lesson – (God’s Love) Crossy Road DOWNLOAD THIS LESSON IN PDF FORM FOR FREE Bible Verses: Romans 8:35-39, Isaiah 40:28-31 Bottom Line: God’s love is everlasting, […]
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Back to School Event Ideas for Preteen Ministry

Back to School Kick Off Events for Preteen Ministry

Written by Rob Quinn I love back to school time in preteen ministry! Looking at it form the perspective of preteens, there are so many new things happening and changing for them at the beginning of the school year. We have a golden opportunity to kick-off the year with a bang. When I think about how […]
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Preteen Game: Ritz Blitz

One of my favorite places to find awesome, crazy and FREE preteen games is Kenny & Elle Campbell put together this amazing website and it’s full of seriously cool games. This is one of my favorites. It’s a sure win with preteens. Enjoy the game! – Nick Diliberto, The Preteen Ministry Guy GAME: RITZ […]
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The Recipe for Your Next Sabbath

This is a guest blog post by Aaron Helman. Before we dive in, I want to jump in and say something. With summer winding down for many of us, we have a short window of opportunity to take a breath before fall programming launches. This is the perfect time to evaluate how we can maximize our day(s) […]
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