New Online Course: How to Create an Awesome Preteen Ministry

I’m really excited to announce a new online training course we just released called, How to Create an Awesome Preteen Ministry. It is only available for purchase now thru May 21 at 8pm Eastern U.S. time. Learn More About the Training INCLUDES EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO CREATE AN AWESOME PRETEEN MINISTRY. I have over 15 years of experience […]
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Training Video #2: Empower Preteens to Own Their Faith in Jesus

I hope you enjoyed the free training video in the previous blog post – Understanding the Quirky Preteen Brain. Another issue I see preteen leaders struggle with when it comes to “understanding preteens” is: How do you empower preteens to own their faith in Jesus? I dive deep into this topic in the newest training video […]
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Training Video #1: Understand The Quirky Preteen Brain

I just created a FREE in depth training video (available for only a limited time) equipping preteen leaders and volunteers to… Understand the Quirky Preteen Brain Why is this important? I believe the #1 thing that stands in the way of having an awesome preteen ministry is not understanding preteens and what makes them tick. […]
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Youth Group Games on Video: Spew & Oreo Face

Last weekend I was invited to speak at a church nearby – First Baptist Church in Covington, LA. Their preteen ministry, Route 56, had an overnight retreat called “iDentity”. The theme was all about finding your identity in your relationship with Jesus. It was an amazing time! While playing some late night crazy games, I got out […]
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ask nick - episode 5

[Ask Nick] What are some good summer ideas for preteen ministry?

In episode 5 of the “Ask Nick” Preteen Ministry Podcast my friend, Rob Quinn, joins me. We talk about a lot of cool things you can do this summer to reach preteens. Rob also shares about a VBS alternative his church does each summer with preteens. Awesome stuff Listen to the episode by clicking the play […]
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Using Technology in Preteen Ministry

If you’re looking for ways to use technology in preteen ministry, you hit the jackpot. Our friend Mike Sheley offers TONS of ways to use technology in preteen ministry. He also shares some great apps and tools to be more productive, organized and creative as a ministry leader. Lastly, he talks about ways to incorporate students with the use of technology. […]
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Youth Group Lesson on Patience

Free Lesson on Patience Written by Jennifer Hancock DOWNLOAD THIS LESSON IN PDF FORM FOR FREE Imagine yourself on the first day of 6th grade and one of the big thrills of the day is finally getting a locker of your very own. As you stand there staring in amazement at this giant (usually not) storage space […]
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