Free Lab #3: How to Make Games More Fun

Thank you so much for the amazing feedback on all the free Labs we’ve made available so far. Thanks again to Kenny and Elle Campbell. Another problem we hear about often is… How do you make games more fun & engaging? Well, Kenny and Elle have created another FREE lab to help. Just click the […]
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Free Lab #2: A Better Way to Recruit & Keep Volunteers

I hope you enjoyed the last free Lab we released a few days ago: 6 Hacks for Partnering with Parents. A HUGE thanks to Kenny & Elle Campbell Now, let’s talk about another issue we all struggle with… RECRUITING VOLUNTEERS Yikes. That’s a tricky one. While there’s probably no one-size-fits-all recruitment plan for every church, […]
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Free Lab #1 – 6 Hacks to Partner with Parents

My friends Kenny & Elle Campbell just created this awesome (and FREE) video training, which they call a Youth Ministry Lab. Although the Lab is designed for youth ministry leaders, it is DEFINITELY applicable to preteen (and children’s) ministry. So here you go… 6 HACKS FOR PARTNERING WITH PARENTS You try to partner with parents, […]
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Helping Preteens Hear God

Written by Sean Sweet 4 Ways to Help Preteens Hear God I’m really good at doing ministry that is jam-packed with noise: Music Teaching Conversations Games Corporate prayer etc., etc., etc. Every moment programmed. Every second full of somebody (anybody) talking or making some kind of noise. But there’s a huge danger here, isn’t there? It was in […]
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The Power of Asking Questions [Podcast Episode 8]

The Power of Asking Questions Have you ever had a preteen ask a question you could not answer? On the other hand… Have you ever asked a question and been blown away by the answers you got? If so… You’ve experienced “The Power of Asking Questions”. In this episode of the Preteen Ministry Podcast we are […]
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Preteen Ministry Lesson on Respecting Authority

Happy New Year! I can’t think of a better way to start the year than to remind preteens the value of respecting authority. This FREE lesson uses the hit game “Smashy Road Wanted” as a fun way to setup the message. Based on Ephesians 6:1-4, this lesson reminds students that – “When we submit to those with authority, we […]
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Preteen Ministry New Year’s Lesson

New Year’s is a time to celebrate. I live in the New Orleans area and fireworks are a big deal around this time of year. It’s our way of celebrating the new year. I’m talking about shooting your own fireworks right outside your house, not watching a big display of fireworks (although we have that too). Back […]
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