preteen bible lesson bullying

Preteen Lesson on Bullying

It is safe to say that most of the preteens in your ministry have been bullied at some point on some level (or they’ve been the one doing the bullying). In fact, I (Nick) share in the below video my story of being bullied as a preteen. (In case you’re wondering…yes…I really did do that to [...]
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ask nick - prepare preteens for teen years

Ask Nick – How Do You Prepare Preteens for the Teen Years?

As you know, preteens are in transition from childhood to adolescence. So, the big question is… How do we prepare them for the teenage years ahead? Preteens need help dealing with the tough stuff: Purity (yes…part of that means sex) Appropriate guy/girl relationships Peer pressure Changes in guys & girls (physical, emotional, social, etc) Making [...]
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Preteen Lesson on Prayer

Topic – The Power of Prayer Bible: James 5:14-16 Lesson Description: Most of the time, when we think about prayer, we think of it as asking God for something, or asking Him to do something. Really, though, prayer is just talking to God. Prayer isn’t powerful because of who is praying; prayer is powerful because [...]
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ask nick - preteen church  worship

How do you create an engaging worship experience for preteens?

One of the most common questions I often get asked is… How do you create an engaging worship experience for preteens? Here are some of the issues that come up with preteen ministry worship: “The 5th/6th grade boys are in the back of the room, totally not participating. In fact, they’re a big distraction!” “We’re a small [...]
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Preteen Ministry Games: Pole Grenade, Rush Hour & Spell-i-o’s

Here are three seriously cool preteen ministry games on video (see real students playing The truth is these games work with preteens, jr high and high school – youth groups of all ages. So, if you oversee other age groups…you hit the jackpot. Watch the first video, which has two games in one… Game #1 – Pole [...]
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ask nick 2

How to Transition Students from Preteen to Youth Ministry

In episode 1 of the Ask Nick Preteen Ministry Podcast this question is answered: How do you effectively transition students from preteen to youth ministry? Without a solid transition strategy, students will fall through the cracks and never make it to youth group. Yikes! You’ve spent 2-3 years with students building community and nurturing their [...]
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new years youth group game - smores stuff it

New Year’s Game: S’mores Stuff It

Topic: Build Your Life on a Solid Foundation Matthew 7: 24-27 Use this game as an opener for a New Year’s lesson about building your life on a solid foundation. Supplies Graham crackers Marshmallows Hershey chocolate bars Table big enough to build S’more towers Toilet paper How to Play Divide preteens into equal teams (of [...]
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productivity hacks for 2015

Productivity Hacks for 2015

Christmas is over and we’re just a few days away from 2015. Many of us around this time of the year set goals. One of the best things you can do to reach your goals is to “hack” your productivity level. In other words, get more done in less time. Here are 4 Productivity Hacks for [...]
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