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Are Preteens Ready for PG13?

Written by Rob Quinn Over the summer there have been several reoccurring discussions in our household. These discussions have happened before, but they seem to be happening more and more as my daughter gets older. These specific discussions have centered on wanting to read a book her friends are reading or watch a movies he
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youth group lessons on peer pressure

The Power of Peer Influence: Free Resource

Written by Rob Quinn Being the parent of a preteen daughter has opened my the eyes of my wife and I to a world I thought we had a good understanding of. After a year in 5th grade, we realized there was definitely a lot we still had to learn! One of those things was
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Preteen Outreach Projects: The How & Why

Can preteens serve the church? Are there things preteens can do to serve others? Are preteens capable of understanding why we should serve? My response to all of these questions is an emphatic YES! When we combined our 5th and 6th grade students and launched our preteen ministry, we didn’t know all the answers and
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Back to School Youth Group Game – Controlled Chaos

Back to School Game: Controlled Chaos Topic: How to Manage Change & Stress Bible: Read Joshua 1:9; Philippians 4:16-18 Back to school time means a lot of change and stress for preteens. Remember back to your first day of 4th, 5th or 6th grade – walking in and seeing friends you haven’t seen all summer.
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Amazing Preteen Worship Ideas

I think we can all agree as preteen leaders that the word worship can create some challenges in preteen ministry. Boys don’t sing, girls do sing but not in front of each other, and having an area that works for your ministry to worship can be an issue. This was no different for me; at
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partnering with parents of preteens

Partnering with Parents of Preteens

I have been leading a preteen ministry for almost eight years now. Last year my own daughter became a preteen and is now part of this amazing age group. It has been an adjustment for all of us but a blessing also. In order to lead a preteen ministry we have taken a lot of
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youth group lesson on community

Triple Blindfold Obstacle Course

The preteens in your ministry can’t follow Jesus alone. They need to be in relationship with others their age who are following Jesus. They need to be in community. I like to define community as “Doing life together with God in the picture.” I got this terminology from Willowcreek Church many many years ago. It
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youth group games on greed

Youth Group Lesson on Greed

Whipped Marshmallow Grab Topic: Greed Bible: Philippians 4:11-13 Teach students about greed with this awesome activity, lesson and discussion questions. So much fun! Supplies: Marshmallow (medium or large sized) Whipped cream If you want to go with a less messy version, then substitute the whip cream and marshmallows with individually wrapped pieces of candy (ex:
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