Preteen Lessons for Back to School

We’ve had some weird weather in San Diego for most of June and July – cold & overcast.  When the rest of the country was experiencing hot summer weather it was cold here in southern California.  Things finally cleared up about a week ago.  We’re now enjoying sunny skies with highs in the mid 70′s and lows in the low 60′s.  It finally feels like summer!

But in just a few weeks it’s back to school time.  Sort of feels like we got cheated out of our summer.  Oh well.  Yes, in just a few weeks the preteens in your group will be back to school.  Some may even start this week or next.

Preteens face lots of issues at school and that is why we’ve released a new back to school series, called SCHOOL DAYS.  In each lesson, the series uses movie clips from my new favorite movie, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, to help drive home the point.  Preteens dive into the Bible and discover how to deal with acceptance, popularity and friendships.  Check it out today!  Released just in time for back to school.  Enjoy! – Creative & relevant resources for preteen ministry.

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