Living on the Edge

Here is a pic of my view on the edge looking back at the cliffs.

A few days ago I went to Sunset Cliffs in Ocean Beach, CA. Sunset Cliffs is minutes from my house and is a 1 mile stretch of rocky cliffs that overlook the pacific ocean. Along the walk are several spots where I like to get close to the edge. While on the edge, I soak in a breathtaking view of the pacific ocean, which seems like the end of the earth. I also enjoy the thrill of being a step away form the 75 foot drop to the rocky ocean. I want to live on the edge.

In life and ministry we often play it safe and avoid taking risks. We live far from the edge and settle for a life with little risks.However, I believe that God often wants to push us out towards the edge. He wants us to get out of our comfort zones and attempt great things for the Kingdom.

I’ve taken a couple of big risks lately. Here are two. Investing a lot of money to release an upcoming preteen video series. Transitioning from working at a church full-time to working part-time so I can give more attention to and other related projects.

Here are a few risks I took in the early days (and beyond) of leading a preteen ministry. Replacing my full-time job with going to seminary and becoming a Children’s Pastor. Launching a preteen ministry from scratch at my first church when we were growing like crazy. Doing our first preteen camp. Launching preteen small groups for the first time (would it work with preteens?). Leaving my first church after 10 years of full-time ministry and getting a job in sales for over a year because my family needed to be placed first (no more nights and weekends). Launching (would it be successful?) and going back into full-time ministry with boundaries.

The list goes on. You get the idea. I like to take risks. I like to live on the edge.

What risks is God calling you to take? What comfort zone is He calling you out of? What is God leading you to do in 2012 that is impossible without His help? What dreams has He put inside your heart that you haven’t acted on allowing excuses to get in the way? What passion is screaming to be unleashed?

Live life on the edge. Take risks. Yes, taking risks means you will sometimes fail. You experience fear, doubt and obstacles along the way. Life will often be more dangerous when on the edge. But Jesus took risk after risk. He didn’t play it safe. He called the disciples to drop everything and follow Him. He called them to take big risks.

Great things are built by those who take risks. Mediocre things are maintained by those who play it safe. How is God calling to live on the edge?


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