Easter Gold Rush

Easter is right around the corner and I wanted to share with you what we’re doing at Seven San Diego Church. First of all, I take credit for none of this. We have some super volunteers, Paul & Margi Curtis, who have come up with the idea and implemented every aspect of the event. I’ve been out sick for the last 9 days and in that time, our Easter event is in full swing – thanks to Paul & Margi. You guys rock!!

We’re looking at Easter as an opportunity to reach kids (k-6th grade)  in our community, especially those who don’t go to church. So, the entire focus is encouraging our kids to bring their friends.

The event is called Easter Gold Rush and it takes place during our weekend services on Easter. Yes, a spin off of the Gold Rush TV show. We’ve purchased 3,000 Easter eggs and will fill them with candy. We’ll do an Easter egg hunt with a twist (we’ll also have some fun inflatables for kids available after the Easter egg hunt). Some eggs will be filled with a golden nugget. If kids get a golden nugget, they qualify to win one of our giveaways. If kids bring friends to church, they also enter to win (and I think their friends do too). If they do both, they double their chances. We’ll have enough golden nuggets where every kid will be sure to get at least one. Giveaways include: 2 iPod shuffles, brand name skateboard & 2 $50 gift certificates to Game Stop (at each service). We’ll give away the prizes on Easter Sunday and do an identical giveaway the week after (to encourage newcomers to return).

We’ll do the Easter egg hunt & inflatables in a rotation. K-3rd grade & 4th-6th grade will rotate. While one group is doing the Easter egg hunt and inflatables, the other group is experiencing a fun Easter message.

Paul & Margi have been very proactive in building momentum before the event. A few weeks before Easter, they announced the event and got kids excited. Each week, they’ve coordinated an activity that relates to the event. One week it was talking about why it is important to invite friends. Last week, we handed out cards with names friends that kids could invite to church on Easter. Next Sunday, kids will make invitations to actually hand out to those friends.

On the adult side, our staff came up with a brilliant theme to reach the unchurched. Our theme is “Easter Doesn’t Suck!” Offending to some (maybe some Christians). But catchy. And to the typical person not following Jesus or turned off to church, it is appealing. However, we were very intentional about promoting the Easter Gold Rush theme to kids (for obvious reasons).

Excited to see what God does this Easter! Going to be great! Again, a HUGE thank you to Paul & Margi for taking the lead on this. Without your help, none of this would be possible!

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4 responses to Easter Gold Rush

  1. Exciting to see! I am basically doing the same thing. I like the idea of following up the next week with the same give aways. Thanks for the tip!

  2. ndiliberto

    Great minds think alike :)

  3. Jenny

    We are holding an Easter event at both our campuses the Saturday before and passing out thank you’s for attending that include the woship schedule for Easter Sunday. We stopped special prizes because sadly the parents got too competitive. Praying you feel better and can enjoy the festivities! Blessings

  4. ndiliberto

    Ha..parents got out of hand! That’s comical! Thanks for your prayers Feeling much better.

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