Elevate Preteen Ministry: Sneak Peek

I am really excited about the Preteen Leaders Conference, which officially starts tomorrow – April 19th. Tonight I (and anyone else attending) get to see a preteen ministry, Elevate, in action. Elevate will be having their midweek service and us leaders get to sit in the back and soak it all in. Two years ago I visited Elevate as an extension of the preteen leaders conference, and it was the highlight of the trip for me. Sean SWEET leads Elevate, and he is one of the best communicators to preteens in the world. No, really, he is like master Yoda. Or maybe we’ll call him SWEET Yoda. Okay, that sounds weird. Anyway, really excited about tonight!

I plan to take some pictures of Elevate and post them this blog. Their room design is SWEEET (pun intended)! I also plan to write up some bullet points on my observations. And I plan to do a few blog posts on Thursday & Friday’s sessions from the conference.

So, be sure to keep coming back and see all the cool stuff I’m learning at the preteen leaders conference!

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