Caine’s Arcade: A 9 Year-Old with a Vision

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I came across the Caine’s Arcade video and was inspired. Yes, I even shed some tears near the end! If you haven’t watched it yet, I highly recommend you do. You’ll be inspired by what a 9 year old can do. Caine’s vision and determination certainly payed off.

9 year old Caine had a vision – to build a cardboard arcade at his dad’s used auto parts store in L.A. He came up with a game plan and worked out every little details himself. Eventually, he created an arcade and it was cool. But no customers were stopping by to enjoy his invention. Until one customer, Nirvan, walked in and changed everything. Nirvan recognized that Cain had a gift to share with the world, but didn’t have a platform to spread the word. Nirvan had a platform and helped get the word out. The rest is history.

Caine represents the preteens you lead. They have God-given gifts, talents and abilities just waiting to be shared with the world. However, like Caine, those gifts oftentimes get overlooked. That’s where you step in.

Nirvan helped Caine in many ways. He affirmed Caine’s arcade and found a way to share it with the world. The arcade became a hit, both in L.A. and around the world when it went viral. As a result of hearing Caine’s story, others where empowered to do something wonderful with their gift and talents.

Nirvan represents you. Your role as a preteen leader is to affirm the gifts and talents of the preteens in your group. Encourage them as often as possible. But also empower them to succeed. Maybe a preteen in your group has a gift to play the guitar. Find out a way to get him lessons and give him the opportunity to be on the worship team in your preteen group. Or maybe a student is artistically talented. Have her help design a flyer for your next event or help come up with a logo for an upcoming series.

Your role is to affirm, encourage and empower preteens. Help them discover ways God can use them to do amazing things!

For the full story on Caine’s Arcade, visit their website

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2 responses to Caine’s Arcade: A 9 Year-Old with a Vision

  1. I cried to see this, I was born and raised in E.L.A. and so remind me of it. I am a youth counselor with San Joaquin valley youth for Christ and a youth teacher at my church Shepherds Grace in Manteca Ca.I know hands on how important it is to listen to a dream, vision or an Idea! This was so extra ordinary and Im just blessed to have seen cain’s vision!

  2. ndiliberto

    Thanks for the comment. Yes, very inspirational. I showed my three kids the video and they all built their own arcade out of cardboard boxes in their rooms :)

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