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preteen object lessons

Object lessons can be a powerful tool to reach preteens and kids at church. We've done our research and want to share with you what we've found! We've had to do our research both in the kidmin and youth worlds because nothing is available specifically for preteens. Since we don't have any object lessons on our website, we decided to create this page in order to help you a have a go to source. Hope it is helpful.

Download 23 Object Lessons for Youth



21 Free Object Lessons for Youth - The Source for Youth Ministry


Top 5 KidMin Websites for Object Lessons

1. Miniistry-to-Children - Oject Lessons

2. Kidology - Object Lesson Zone

3. - Lessons


5. Kids Sunday School


Object Lessons on Video

Making Pennies Clean - Object Lessons


Dominoes: Evangelism - Object Lesson


Practicing Sin & Righteousness


Studying God's Word - Object Lesson


Sand and Rocks - Object Lesson



Truth: Card Trick - Object Lesson



God's Will: Finger Snap Object Lesson


The Gospel - Paper Tear Magic Object Lesson


Faith - Balloon Object Lesson

Object Lessons for Purchase:

21 Five Minute Children's Messages

21 Five Minutes Children's Messages - Volume 2

21 Object Lessons for Preteens


Looking for elementary curriculum full of object lessons?

preteen curriculum


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