For only $30/month get $2,000 worth of preteen ministry lessons & games, plus get all future new releases before everyone else!
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For only $30/month, you get  $2,000 worth of preteen ministry lessons & games. You get forever access (as long as your membership stays active) to every resource in our preteen ministry store. Pretty cool.
You get all our new releases before everyone esle! Every time we release a new series or pack of games, you get it before it is made available in our store. You pay no additional fee for the new releases, it's included in the $30/month membership cost.
We plan to release 8-10 new preteen series per year. As a member, you get them all.
Here's our schedule of new releases through October, 2016:
  • Released in March: Dodgeball: Dodging Life’s Problems (4-weeks), Overcoming Temptation (4-weeks), and Identity (4-week series)
  • Two Summer Series (Coming in May): Summer Olympic Games (4-weeks) & Epic Journeys (4-weeks).
  • Back to School (two 4-week series) – Coming in late July or early August
  • New 4-week series – Coming in September
  • Christmas series – Coming in October
  • Rest of new release schedule will be posted by August, 2016.
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EVERYTHING IS DOWNLOADABLE.  After purchase, you'll immediately be directed to a membership page AND get an email with a link to the membership area. All our resources are only available to download. We have no physical products.

LESSONS AND GAMES COME IN PDF & WORD format so you can edit as needed and share with volunteers. 

LESSONS include a fun opening game, creative teaching, and engaging small group discussion questions. Although the lessons aren't meant to be read word for word (we encourage you to make it your own), included is a detailed script for leaders to follow.

PRETEEN TARGETED. All our resources are preteen targeted. Our team knows preteens and what makes them tick, so all our resources will actually work well with 4th-6th graders. We're not a big publishing company that creates resources for all ages. We're 100% focused on preteens. Rest assure, our stuff really works with preteens. 

GAMES INCLUDE A SHORT LESSON. All the 90 preteen games come with a short lesson. Use them just for fun, as a devotional, midweek, etc.

SERIES ARTWORK includes cover image for promotional use and blank text image for making your own presentation slides.

POWERPOINT SLIDES are included for each lesson in all our series. The individual images are also included in case you want to insert them into other presentation software.

ALL OUR RESOURCES ARE WRITTEN BY PRETEEN LEADERS like you who have a heart to see God move in the lives of students.

OUR STUFF IS TOP NOTCH. We don't just throw together an outline and sell it to you. Our writers take a lot of time and effort creating quality preteen ministry resources that are jam packed with more than enough teaching material. Furthermore, we have a top notch team that consists of an editor, graphic designer, website designer, customer support person, etc.




For $30/month, you get forever access (as long as your membership stays active) to ALL the resources in our preteen ministry store - valued at nearly $2,000!

You also get ALL our new releases BEFORE everyone else. See the full list of new releases in the "About Membership" section above.


DODGEBALL ($35 Value) - 4-week series helping students dodge and overcome life's problems.

IDENTITY ($35 Value) - 4-week series helping students find their identity in their relationship with Jesus.

OVERCOMING TEMPTATION ($35 Value) - 4-week series helping preteens resist temptation.

BFF: A Real Best Friend: 4-Week Series ($30 Value) - A Real BFF: 4-week series helping preteens choose and become the right kind of friend and navigate their friendships with peers. To preteens, friends are all-important—but even more important than having friends is choosing good friends. 

Salt and Light: 4-Week Series ($30 Value) - Help students be salt and light in their everyday lives. Jesus calls us to be different from the world—to stand out as light and salt so others want to know about him.

Summer Days: 8-Week Summer Series ($59 Value) - This series challenges students to live a summer of significance; deepen their relationship with God; make healthy choices; and so much more!

Jesus at the Beach: 4-Week Series ($30 Value)  - Jesus had many powerful encounters with his disciples. Many of these life-changing moments took place at or near a beach. "Jesus at the Beach” is a summer series that highlights some of these encounters - and gives preteens a chance to have their own, life-changing encounter with "Jesus at the Beach".

Camping in the Wilderness: 4-Week Series ($30 Value)  This summer series explores the journey of Moses and the Israelites, helping preteens discover the "awesomeness" of God in their everyday lives.

30 Summer Games ($30 Value) - 30 crazy, messy and fun summer games for youth ministry. Each game also includes a lesson. 

Stress: 4-Week Series ($30 Value) - The life of a preteen is often full of stress. Students have a lot of pressure from home, school, sports, friends, etc. Often, the stress of day-to-day life can feel overwhelming. This series will help students deal with stress in their everyday lives.

Book of Acts: 8-Week Series ($59 Value) - This series takes preteens on a journey through the book of Acts. Preteens will identify the Holy Spirit as God, who is with us, to help us.

30 Back to School Games & Object Lessons ($30 Value) - Includes 15 games & 15 object lessons. All the object lessons are related to back to school items and are powerful visuals to drive home Biblical points. All the crazy, fun games included are related to back to school themes that convey Biblical messages. So, they are more than “just for fun”.

School Days: 8-Week Series ($59 Value) - In this series, we take a look at what God’s word and world show us about work and rest, and discover a new work ethic… that, as it turns out, is full of rest, peace, and joy.

Book of Proverbs: 8-Week Series ($59 Value) - An 8-week series on the book of Proverbs and "how to be wise".

30 Holiday Games ($30 Value) - Includes 30 holiday games for Thanksgiving & Christmas. Each game also includes a lesson. 

iPray: 6-Week Series ($45 Value) - In the iPray series, preteens will discover one of the BIG reasons we pray - to deepen our relationship with a loving God who wants to know us deeply.

Plugged In?: 4-Week Series ($30 Value) -  A 4-week series that helps preteens focus on what matters most: PLUGGING INTO Jesus. The series lays out the "how" and "why" of living PLUGGED IN using fun, creative and relevant methods.

Jesus, The Real Life: 6-Week Series ($45 Value) - In a preteen's mind, Jesus can become a distant CHARACTER from a dusty old book. In this series, we desire for preteens to know Jesus as the real, living, breathing God in flesh..

Thank FULL: 4-Week Thanksgiving Video Series ($39 Value) - The Thank Full series helps preteens be content with what really matters - the intangibles. They'll learn how to FULL OF THANKS and appreciate God's grace, forgiveness, spiritual gifts & faithfulness. 

Attitude of Gratitude: 4-Week Series ($30 Value) - Help preteens discover what it means to have an ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE and appreciate the good things they do have. The ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE series helps preteens to be content in all circumstances and will inspire preteens to show their gratitude to others.

Before the Story: 4-Week Christmas Series ($30 Value) - This four-week series will look at the story before the story. It will look at how God had told his people all about the birth of Jesus long before it happened. We will look at the prophecies of Jesus’ birth and when they were fulfilled. Then we will discuss what this means to us today.

Marvelous Light: 4-Week Christmas Series ($30 Value) - The Christmas story is widely known around the world. Many preteens know the details about how and where Jesus was miraculously born, but do they understand why? This Christmas, help preteens learn how Jesus was more than just a baby. He is The Marvelous Light! The series teaches preteens how Jesus came as a light to the world and how he calls us to shine our lights!

Best Year Ever: 3-Week New Year's Series ($30 Value) - A new year always brings an opportunity to talk about changes. Best Year Ever presents you with an opportunity to teach incredible habits to your preteens. Habits that infuse change. Preteens will enjoy the habits of connecting with God in reflection, repentance and renewal. 

Encounters with Jesus: 4-Week Easter Series ($30 Value) - Encounters with Jesus is a 4-week Easter series for preteens. The Gospels are full of stories that show us the miraculous power of Jesus, but there are some that show us even more. In this series, we’ll look at some amazing stories from the Gospels where ordinary people had extraordinary encounters with the Jesus. Each encounter will help them see more of who Jesus is and why He came to earth. 

The Uprising: 4-Week Easter Series ($30 Value) Easter is the celebration of Jesus’ resurrection—when Jesus physically rose up from the grave. Jesus also came to give us new life—with acceptance and freedom from God. Jesus was met with a lot of opposition. There were people that didn’t understand Him, some that didn’t agree with Him, and there were those that crucified Him! As we look at all the events of the Easter story, we realize that this is the biggest uprising in all of history! Uprising is a four-week series unpack this idea to preteens.

System Reset: 6-Week Series ($45 Value) - System Reset is a six-week series. Preteens will discover that God pressed the reset button of their lives when they decided to surrender to and follow Jesus. Like a caterpillar turns into a butterfly, they are totally new creations.

The Book: 6-Week Series on the Bible ($45 Value) The Book is a six week preteen series giving preteens an overview of the Bible. Looking for a preteen Bible study or need cool preteen Bible lessons? Want to help preteens to place a high value on knowing and doing what the Bible says? You’ve found it! 

Made to Worship: 4-Week Series ($30 Value) - Made to Worship is a four week series that explores how preteens are “made to worship” God.This series answers these questions: What is worship? Whom do we worship? How do we worship? When & where do we worship?

Your Move: 4-Week Series ($30 Value) - This 4-week series encourages preteens to own their relationship with Jesus. When you play a board game, like Sorry, you have to “move” or “take action” to play. When it comes to being a follower of Jesus, it is also important to “move” & “take action” with your faith in Jesus. It’s your move!

Back 2 School: 6-Week Series ($45 Value) - The Back 2 School is a 6-week series that equips preteens to deal issues like: peer pressure, respecting authority, taming the tongue, forgiveness and reaching out to classmates.

Under Pressure: 4-Week Series ($30 Value) Under Pressure is a 4-week series that helps preteens deal with the pressures they face at school, home, in extracurricular activites, and at church.

The Power of Influence: 4-Week Series ($30 Value) - The Power of Influence is a 4-week series helping preteens explore the meaning and power of influence. Preteens will learn that God designed them to be like clay, allowing Him to influence, mold, and shape them to be more like Jesus in the way they think, believe, and act.

Fearless: 4-Week Series ($30 Value) - Fearless is a 4-week series that takes students on a journey to see how people in the Bible stood strong in the face of fear. Let’s help students understand what it means to be bold and confident in the face of fear.

Master Design: 6-Week Series ($45 Value) - Master Design is a 6-week series that gives preteens a sense of identity rooted in their relationship with God. This series will help preteens understand how their hearts, feet, hands, ears, mouths and eyes were designed by God for the specific purpose of loving Him and loving others.

Under the Radar: 6-Week Series ($45 Value) Under the Radar: 6-week series will equip preteens to detect them with the radar of God’s Word, and make better choices in what they see, hear and do. Philippians 4:8 is  is the focal point of the series.

Exploring Thankfulness: 2-Week Series  - Exploring Thankfulness: 2-week series reminds preteens that when you focus on what you “have” rather than what you “want”, contentment follows. What a great message to communicate to preteens during the holiday season!

The Christmas Story: 4-Week Series ($30 Value)  - The Christmas Story: 4-week series helps to bring the focus of the holiday season, back on Jesus and helps preteens discover the joy of serving others. Our actions, especially during the holiday season, should be centered around serving and loving others. That’s the message they will internalize while exploring The Christmas Story.

Immanuel- A New Kind of Christmas: 4-Week Series ($30 Value)  This 4-week series helps preteens see Christmas in a new light and drives home the point in a creative and relevant way that will be a huge hit with your preteens.

Splash: 4-Week Series ($30 Value)  Splash is a 4-week preteen Bible study that focuses on stories in the Bible related to water. Preteens will explore the exciting adventures of John baptizing Jesus, Peter walking on water, Jesus’ conversation with the woman at the well, and Jesus washing the disciples’ feet. 

The Heat is On: 4-Week Series ($30 Value)  The Heat Is On is a 4-week preteen series that explores stories in the Bible involving fire. Why fire? Because summer is HOT and what a great time of the year to focus on how God used fire in Bible!

King of Kings: 4-Week Series ($30 Value)  King of Kings is a 4-week series that shows how Jesus was the Coming King, the Servant King, the Resurrected King, and the King of Kings. This series is designed to lead preteens to a deeper faith in Jesus as their King.

Easter Remix: 4-Week Series ($30 Value)  Easter Remix is a 4-week series that offers a new way to experience the familiar Easter story. Preteens will grasp the true significance of the Last Supper, Jesus’ death on the cross, the resurrection and more.

James - Following God's Road Signs - Girl's Small Group Series : 27-Week Series ($49 Value)  Following God’s  Road signs is a 27-Week Bible Study on the Book of James for preteen girls. After 27 lessons and 7 art projects, your girls will be ready to face life as a confident, merciful preteen.  James: Following God’s Road Signs will empower their walk with Christ and give them confidence as they walk the halls of their school. 

15 Holiday Games & 15 Holiday Object Lessons ($30 Value)  All specifically designed for preteens and bundled together into one package! Object lessons & games are great additions to your holiday programming and can be added to any upcoming lesson, event, small group time, mid-week service, message, etc. Perfect to fill in the gaps of your holiday programming!

Easter Games & Object Lessons ($30 Value)  Includes 15 Easter Games & 15 Object Lessons – All Easter games and object lessons are specifically designed for preteens! Object lessons & games are great additions to your Easter programming and can be added to any upcoming lesson, event, small group time, mid-week service, message, etc.

Inside Out ($30 Value) - 4-week series teaching preteens what it means to live like Jesus.

Order Out of Chaos ($25 Value) - 3-week series leading preteens to discover how God, Jesus & the church bring order to the chaos in the world.

Hot, Bold & Confident ($45 Value) - 6-Week Series helps preteens rely on God for boldness and confidence. 

Once Upon a Parable ($30 Value) - 4-Week Series on the Kingdom of God.




"I would give your resources a 15 out of 10!  So many quality lessons for this age group at a very affordable price! Thank you! They have saved me a lot of time by including a PowerPoint presentation for each lesson. My kids also love when there are YouTube videos involved in a lesson. We have a small class so can't always play the games or do the activities but there is plenty in each lesson to keep up busy the entire hour of class or for two classes. It works very well in the my church'es context as well which I can't really say for other curriculums I have tried. I also love that I can download right away and don't have to pay shipping or wait for the stuff to arrive. Purchasing the epic preteen bundle this year has me set for a least 24 months of not longer! Thank you Nick for your passion for this age group and for making everything relatable and accessible!" Holly Procita
"My fiance and I run a week night preteen ministry in Coquitlam, BC (Canada) but due to the pressures and busy-ness of our lives we almost didn't start up again this year. Finding your bundle and having access to such resources as they provided meant that we were able to keep our ministry running and continue to serve the preteens at our church. Instead of needing to create our own lessons, we are able to take the ones we bought from you and adapt them to the needs of our ministry. So thanks!" - Alyssa Hardy
"They have helped me tremendously. I am new to this position of overseeing all kids from Birth- 5th grade and am still developing a scope and sequence for all areas. This has been so helpful, as I turn it over to volunteers on Sunday mornings. As you know there is not much out there for preteens and your resources hit the spot. Very reasonably priced...Love the freebies too! Nancy, your customer service person, is very helpful when I need to switch up some series in the bundle! Very sweet, kind and helpful." Terry Barrett

"I would give the curriculum that a purchased from you a 10 out of 10, I love the lessons and game ideas. I have a team of people who teach the students along with myself and we simply go through each lesson. The lessons keep us unified as a team and maintains continuity in regards to the content we are teaching. It has been a great resource for our preteen ministry." - Jarrod Lesniewski




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View our statement of faith here. All our lessons are theologically broad enough for all church denominations (and non-denominations). We stay central to the core truths of Christianity and don't focus  on denominational differences. 

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