KidLead: Growing Great Leaders

Looking for a way to develop leadership skills to preteens?  Look no further.  KidLead is a nonprofit organization that has created a curriculum specifically designed to teach leadership skills to preteens.  Here is my advice on how to utilize it to build preteen leaders.

 Use KidLead as a means to an end.  KidLead isn’t the goal, but a tool.  It puts a top notch leadership program in your hands.  Use it to teach preteens about leadership.  Run one module in the spring and one in the fall, which will take a preteen a total of two years (or four modules) to complete.  Each module is 8 weeks in length.

 Next, create a core leadership team with preteens who complete the first module.  Get to know what their talents and strengths are and give them leadership opportunities.  Have those preteens lead the greeting team, a/v team, mission team, event team, etc in your preteen ministry.  Be their coach in the process and spend time developing their leadership skills. 

Use KidLead as the head knowledge and then give them real life experience in leadership overseeing key aspects of your preteen ministry.  You’ll be amazed at what they can accomplish!

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