“We are all capable of contributing to the world in a way that makes a profound difference. A rare few go big. Make the big gesture. Take the big risk. Expose themselves on a grand scale.Create and then ride the big wave. But most of us, myself included, take a different yet equally valid path. It’s the path of the ripple. Simple actions, moments, and experiences. Created, offered, and delivered with such a purity of intention and depth of integrity and clarity that they set in motion a ripple that, quietly, in its own way, in its own time, expands onward.Interacting with, touching, mattering to people we’ve never met in ways we never conceived.” – Jonathan Fields, How to Live a Good Life

Although I don’t believe Jonathan is a Christian, he just summarized what we do in preteen ministry.

We make ripples.

In the early days of ministry I wanted to change the world.

I wanted to cause HUGE waves that would point massive amounts of young people to Jesus.

I wanted to go big.

The reality of ministry over the years has allowed me to see things a bit more clearly.

I go for small impact now.

I make ripples.

Then, God does something cool with that.

Whatever he does with whatever good I initiate or create is up to him.

I simply get out of the way.

I’m removed from the outcome.

I hope what I do makes a difference in the lives of students.

I want to see them in a deep passionate relationship with Jesus.

Connected to each other. Serving those around them.

But my only job is to create ripples.

I believe we’re all in the same boat too.

We’re all making ripples, stepping out of the way, allowing God to do his stuff in the lives of preteens.


Written by Nick Diliberto, the creator of this website. He’s also married to a killer triathlete (Jena), and has three kids: Ethan (15), Joey (12), and Emma (11). Nick has been a preteen ministry leader for over 15 years and currently oversees the youth group at the Northshore Vineyard Church, just outside of New Orleans, LA.

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