Empowing Leaders In Today’s Fast Paced World

Lately, I have been rethinking how to best empower preteen leaders.  First of all, let me be clear that there is no one way to empower your leaders.  You just have to find out what works best for you.  In the past, I would host a team meeting or training a couple of times a year and sometimes bring leaders to a conference (if the budget allowed).  Problem was that only about 3/4’s of my leaders would show up for a team meeting or training.  Also, I would spend another afternoon away from my famly also asking my leaders to do the same.  I think there is a better and more simple way.

Here is tip #1 on how to empower leaders in today’s fast paced world:

1. Use Facebook and Podcasts. 
Making your own audio podcast is prettty easy to do.  If you’ve got a computer and a cheap microphone, that’s about all you need. You might have to buy some software too (not expensive). Once a month (or every couple of months) make a 15-20 minute podcast addressing a specific topic you pick.  Topics could include casting vision for your preteen ministry, how to lead a small group, discipline guidelines, etc.  You could even ask your leaders for potential topics.  For those who can’t play a podcast, burn it on a CD and mail it to them. Next, create a group on facebook and encourage all your leaders to give feedback on the podcast.  If they don’t have a facebook account, encourage them to sign up.  It’s free!

You accomplish a lot when taking this approach.  First, you cover much more training material than you would having a few meetings throughout the year.  Second, leaders can listen to and give feedback on their terms.  They aren’t forced to a specific time and date, which is very helpful in today’s fast paced world.  Third, they are allowed to give feedback with each other rather than just taking in information at a meeting.  Sometimes they are more willing to comment online than they would in person at a meeting.  Forth, everyone is given a chance to listen to the training material.  If you have meetings, then you limit who can attend based on other obligations they might have.

Stay tuned tomorrow to this blog for tip #2!

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