New: Fall Bundle, Holiday Happy & Unafraid

We wanted to let you know about 3 brand new releases for your preteen ministry:

  • Fall New Release Bundle (now thru next Wednesday)
  • Holiday Happy (4-week Thanksgiving/Christmas series)
  • Unafraid (4-week series)

Here’s an overview of each new release…

Save nearly 50% on 4 NEW preteen ministry series for Fall, Thanksgiving, Christmas and beyond! Includes 2 brand new series (Holiday Happy & Unafraid) and 2 other recent releases (Focus & First Impressions).


This BRAND NEW 4-week Thanksgiving/Christmas series teaches preteens how to experience the joy of the holidays all year long.

This 4-week series shows preteens how their faith can help them confront the fears of failure, rejection, sharing your faith, and the future.

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