FourFiveSix Conference Is April 7-9

I’m really excited about the upcoming FourFiveSix Conference!

The BIG IDEA of the conference every year is to help preteens own their faith in Jesus.

In fact, the FourFiveSix team calls this idea “Letting Go of the Bike“.

The conference focuses exclusively on preteen ministry and is April 7-9, 2014 in Greenwood, Indiana. If you’re just about to launch a preteen ministry, are new to preteen ministry or been doing preteen ministry for a long time….this conference is for you!

The FourFiveSix team has been hard at work for nearly a year putting together the conference and it’s going to rock!

Go here to see the lineup of speakers

Go here for breakout session info

Go here to see the complete schedule

Go here for general info about the conference


God has called you to YOUR preteens – YOUR preteens and no one else’s. But who are YOUR preteens? How do they view the world around them? How do they best connect with Christ? How is their spiritual development progressing?

This year’s 456 Preteen Leaders Conference will help to answer some of those questions and ultimately help you discover what it means to live in God’s calling for your life to minister to YOUR preteens – YOUR preteens and their culture; YOUR preteens and who God created them to be; YOUR preteens and the way they learn and interact; YOUR preteens and how they respond to you; YOUR preteens and how they relate to God.

You need to know YOUR preteens, because God is calling YOUR preteens to something great. Join 456 this year to help grow your heart towards God and your passion for YOUR preteens.

Learn More About the Conference

I hope you’re able to attend the conference. It’s the favorite one I attend all year.

I love hanging out with fellow preteen leaders. It’s great to know there are other people just like me – who are all committed to pointing preteens to Jesus.

Hope to see you there 🙂

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