Free Ideas: Customize Curriculum

In this episode of the Free Ideas Podcast, brought to you by FourFiveSix, Jim Kast-Keat & Nick Diliberto talk about the “why” and “how” of customizing preteen curriculum. Jim and Nick both have a lot to say about this topic as they both create preteen ministry curriculum. Jim developed Connect and Nick is the creator of this website –

If you’re like me (Nick), you might be in search of the “magic curriculum” that will be a perfect fit for your preteen church ministry. This “magic curriculum” would be the perfect match for you church culture and speak specifically to your students. Well, after nearly 15 years of leading various preteen ministries, I’ve discovered that the “magic curriculum” doesn’t exist. I help design preteen curriculum full-time now and use our curriculum at Pursuit, the preteen ministry I lead. I find myself having to edit, adapt and customize the curriculum I helped create! You will have to do the same.

Why will you always have to customize preteen curriculum? How do you go about doing it? Listen to this week’s Free Ideas Podcast for the answers.

Press the play button below to listen:

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