Hienz Ketchup Had It Right

What Hienz Ketchup taught me about preteen ministry….

Hienz Ketchup had a slogan for years (not sure if they do): Good things happen to those who wait.  We live in the age of technology and information where we want it all and we want it now.  But the truth is that anything worthwhile takes time to build. 

In my new job at La Jolla Presbyterian Church, I find myself getting frustrated often.  So much change needs to take place and there never seems to be enough time to get it all done.  We need to completely re-theme all of our children’s ministry rooms with not much of a budget to work with.  After 12 years of successful preteen ministry, I get the chance to launch a new preteen ministry from scratch again.  But I want 100 kids coming yesterday.  I want to see the lives of the preteens in our community be changed by the life changing power of Jesus.  I want to reach so many more preteens than we are right now. 

God keeps speaking to me that anything worthwhile takes time to build.  Instead of getting frustrated about how long it will take to build up the preteen ministry here, I am learning to enjoy the journey.  Take it slow and have fun doing it.  Watch for what God is doing around me and join in on His activity.  One day the preteen ministry here will be awesome and dynamic.  But when something new is being birthed, it takes a lot of work and time for it to be effective.

What about you?  What are you building that isn’t quite where you want it to be?   Does it frustrate you?  I have a feeling I am not alone in this journey.  If you are like me, calm down and enjoy the journey.  There will always be more to do than the time you have available.  Ministry is never ending.  When you do revamp your preteen room or finally recruit enough leaders, another project is always around the corner.  Realize that Rome wasn’t built overnight.  Good things happen to those who wait.  Anything worthwhile takes time to build!

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