How to Impact Preteens’ Lives this Summer

A while back, I went to the High School graduation ceremony of a former student. Paul was one of the core students in our preteen ministry years ago.

As I sat in the audience, an overwhelming feeling of joy came over me as he was named the valedictorian.

Paul then stood up to give his speech in front of 800+ people.

I teared up as he shared his love for God, family and friends.

His speech is summed up in the closing statement…

“Let’s not be the people who try in life. Let’s be the people to make it happen!”

He challenged classmates (and those in the audience) to put into action the dreams God has placed in their hearts. WOW!

I was inspired listening to the speech of my former student. God is doing some amazing stuff in that young man!

The experience was a HUGE reminder of why you and I work with preteens.

We have the awesome privilege of being a part of what God is doing in their lives.

We get to join in on God’s activity in others.

We get to help mold and shape the next generation. WOW…how awesome is that!?!?!?!

I share that story with you because you need to know an important truth. A truth we know in our hearts, but often overlook in the day to day grind of ministry (especially in the craziness of summer).

Summer camp, summer events, all the awesome stuff you have planned this summer to impact students’ lives…ARE NOT the magic fairy dust that transforms students.

They are simply tools that helps you reach preteens with the message of Jesus.

God is the one who changes lives. We simply show up and join in on His activity.

As you gear up for summer and do camp, VBS, summer events, etc – keep that truth front and center.

Maybe one day you will sit in the graduation ceremony of a former student and be overwhelmed at what God is doing in their life.

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