How to Lose the Preteens In Your Ministry

How to Lose the Preteen In Your Ministry:

  • Mixing 4th-6th graders with younger kids who still think Barney is cool!
  • Puppets, Ms. Patty Cake worship songs, felt boards, preaching, or clowns.
  • Treating preteens like they are kids or teenagers (AKA – ditch the puppets or MTV video clips).
  • Dull activities, lame food or no ways for students to make friends.
  • Boring, predictable & irrelevant lessons.
  • Throwing religion and rules in their faces.
A lot of times we lose preteens in ministries because we don’t understand them.

How can you effectively reach preteens in your ministry?

  • Help preteens take ownership of their relationship with God by letting go of the bike.
  • Give students opportunities to experience God.
  • Guide them to explore a real & authentic relationship with Jesus.
  • Use cool, creative & relevant preteen curriculum.
  • Interactive, applicable, and hands-on learning.
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