Paintball = Relational Success

Last Friday I took a few preteen boys paintballing.  We had a blast!  What I liked most about the trip was the small group that came.  I didn’t open up the event to everyone, just a few that I hand picked.  It was a great opportunity to connect with them on a deeper level.  Something bonds us together being in the wild experiencing the adrenaline rush of nailing our opponents with paintballs.

We’ve had a great summer with a number of big events.  But there is nothing like doing relational stuff with a small group.  Creating memories that last.  Talking about life and God.  Grabbing a burger at Carl’s Jr. and just hanging out.

What about you?  What are you doing to connect with preteens outside of programming?  How do you train your leaders to do the same?

However, big events do have their place.  With that said, I am excited about our last summer event this Friday – Reality Game Show Night.  Preteens star in their own reality game show while competing in physical, creative and trivia challenges.  Should be a super time!  And Wednesday night is our last beach night of the summer.  Nothing like body boarding, surfing and eating BBQ with a bunch of preteens!  The weather has been fabulous lately so hope Wed night is a sunny afternoon! – Creative & relevant resources for preteen ministry.

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