Preteen Curriculum

What Makes Our Preteen Curriculum Unique?

Preteens are a unique age group that require a unique curriculum approach. They are in transition from childhood to adolescence and undergoing massive amounts of change in all areas of their lives – physically, emotionally, spiritually and socially. Preteens are at the point where they can begin to take ownership of following Jesus on their own. Our preteen curriculum is specifically designed with all these factors in mind. You’ll find all our series to be Biblical, fun, creative, relevant and preteen targeted.

We’ve got some fantastic preteen curriculum. Tired of boring and irrelevant preteen curriculum? Looking for something engaging your preteens will really connect with? Searching for good preteen curriculum can be challenging. Much of what is available is either too old or too young for preteens. You find yourself having to water down junior high resources or add a lot of elements to curriculum written for younger kids. Been there, done that. That very problem is our motivation and inspiration. Our preteen curriculum is written by preteen pastors who know what works and what doesn’t. We are preteen pastors who have written our own curriculum and want to share it with you! currently releases new preteen series on a regular basis. In order to do that, we’ve put together an awesome team of curriculum writers, editors, graphic designers, etc. So, if you like our stuff, count on having a steady stream of new content coming your way.


Our preteen curriculum is written by preteen leaders.

All the writers lead preteen ministries and use the curriculum with their groups. They don’t work for a publisher and rely on second hand research to come up with content. They work with preteens everyday. They know the struggles preteens face and how to effectively communicate to 4th,5th & 6th graders. Our preteen curriculum is written by leaders who know preteens.

Our preteen curriculum is creative and diverse.

Many curriculums get stuck in a rut. After using it for awhile, it’s just more of the same. Preteens get bored if the same format is presented to them over and over. Each writer is very different and diverse in their communication style. Each series has a unique flavor because it’s written by a different author, which keeps the preteen curriculum fresh. Not the best for branding and marketing purposes, but is very effective for long term use with preteens.

Our preteen curriculum is relevant.

We get in the world of a preteen and meet them there. We communicate in a way they understand and speak their language. We address preteen specific topics, like bullying and many others. We provide you with graphics that are age appropriate and PowerPoint slides for each lesson. Many of our lessons use video clips from current movies. An element of fun is in each lesson. Preteens aren given an opportunity to question and explore. Our curriculum is relevant.

Our preteen curriculum is in real time.

We don’t have to go through a very long process when creating content. Once it is written, we publish it online. That allows us to stay relevant to preteen culture. As culture shifts and moves, we can provide curriculum that moves along with it. The truth we communicate never changes, but the way we present it will always be changing.

Our preteen curriculum is adaptable.

All the lessons come in Microsoft Word (and many in PDF as well). You can adapt it to fit your ministry and quickly send it out to leaders.

Lastly, our preteen curriculum is downloadable.

No more waiting for days to get your lessons or paying for shipping. Everything is an instant download, so you can get going right away.