Preteen Youth Group Lesson – Salvation

This is a stand alone VIDEO lesson designed to clearly, compellingly and creatively communicate the gospel message to preteens!

The lesson comes complete with artwork, video, PowerPoint slides, small group activities and discussion questions.

Here’s an overview of the lesson:

Bible: Luke 18:18; Luke 18:19; Luke 18:20; Luke 18:21-23; Luke 9:23-27; Romans 10:9-13; Romans 10:14-16

The Bottom Line: Our version of “good” will never be comparable to God’s good—and he wants to give us his good.

What’s That to Me? No matter who we are or what we’ve done, it’s easy to accept God’s gift of eternal life; all we have to do is ask.


Watch the video that goes along with the lesson. We’ve created it in partnership with Digital Felt Productions.

Watch the video here:


Note: Due to the size of the files in the lesson, we put them all in a zip file. Most mobile devices and tablets cannot view/download a zip file. So, you might want to wait until you are in front of a laptop or desktop to do so. If you have any issues downloading or viewing the lesson or video, contact Becky at and she will be happy to help you.


For years, I would look for a really solid video lesson that was preteen target. Something that would communicate the gospel in a creative way.  And for years I was disappointed. So, I would put together my own lesson. But I was still missing the video piece. I would look for a really cool video that hit home with preteens, but struck out.

So, our team decided to create our own.

We created a lesson you can use that grabs the attention of preteens. Allowing preteens to respond at the end by surrendering their lives to Jesus.

Use it at camp, an upcoming event, weekend service, or midweek programming.

From the beginning of this project it was decided that it would be 100% free. No hoops to jump through and no roadblocks.

But that doesn’t mean it was free to create. It cost us hundreds of dollars to put together.

But we were committed to give it away for free…and we did.

So awesome!

Enjoy the lesson.

Nick Diliberto, Preteen Ministry

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16 Responses to “Preteen Youth Group Lesson – Salvation

  • Courtney
    4 years ago

    This was a great lesson for my youth group they loved it i loved it is there any more?

  • thanks for this!

  • Hi! Is it ok if I post some of these lessons to my website? I want to start directing lessons to kids the age of my daughter and these are the perfect conversation starters!

    • We’re glad you like our lessons enough to ask the question! However, we prefer you just link them to our website rather than cut and paste them onto yours. Thanks for understanding!

  • ella labocki
    2 years ago

    Becky, Hi! Loved the video on Salvation but I wasn’t able to download the lesson. Please help. Ella

  • Penny Fisher
    2 years ago

    I couldn’t download either item. Please email. Thanks.

  • Hi Becky! I can’t download both the video and the lesson. It says Error 404 requested resource not found.

  • I love this video! It’s great because it focuses on the need for us to daily pick up our cross and follow Christ. It’s not a “Get out of hell free” card (to borrow from the board game, Monopoly.)

    I can’t wait to get to my laptop and download the lesson.

  • Thank you for creating this video. High quality, beautifully edited, and wonderfully conceived.

  • Michelle
    10 months ago

    I am unable to download the lesson as well 🙁

    • Hi Michelle,
      You may have to try using a different browser and make sure you try using Winzip.
      Our Series are saved as “.zip” files. You need a program on your computer, device, or phone that will enable you to open these files. We recommend the FREE version of WinZip at or in the app store of your device or phone. After downloading this program, please try to open the files again.

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