Taking Risks Makes Life Sweeter

Taking risks in preteen ministry and in life is essential.

Today, I went boogie boarding at a sweet spot in San Diego called Sunset Cliffs.  The above pics give you an idea how crazy of a place it is to go boogie boarding.  Today, the waves averaged over ten feet high.

I am a beginner boogie boarder and it was quite a risk for me to go out there today.

It was awesome!  I caught four or five of the biggest waves I’ve ever experienced.  By far, it was the most fun I’ve ever had boogie boarding.  But it wasn’t all smooth sailing.

I got into some trouble paddling back. You can’t access the spot I was from the beach but have to climb down the cliffs 100 feet below.  Coming back was quite difficult because I had to paddle over 150 yards to get back to the cliffs.  For twenty minutes I was paddling but not going anywhere except backwards towards the rocks.  Not a spot you want to be.  I was exhausted from boogie boarding for over an hour and had little energy left.  Fortunately, after a quick rest and digging deep within, I made it back to the shore safely.

My adventure today taught me that risk is worth taking.  But when you take a risk, you always learn a lot through the process whether or not you succeed.  Today, I had fun and learned a lot.

Taking risk in preteen ministry is essential.  No preteen ministry has it all together.  There is no one way of reaching preteens that is successful at every church.  So, you have to take risks.  What risk do you need to take this year?  Are you thinking of running your own camp for the preteens at your church?  Considering doing your first preteen sleepover?  Been thinking about a preteen alternative toVBS this summer?  Ready to launch a Friday night gathering for preteens?  If so, go for it!  When you take risks, prepare to make mistakes and fail at some endeavors.  But you’ll succeed too!  What you learn in the process is just as valuable as what successes you have.  Go ahead, take a risk today!

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