The Ultimate Guide to Recruiting, Training & Leading Volunteers

Want to do a better job of recruiting, training & leading volunteers in your ministry?

This guide I’ve put together introduces you to some of the best “volunteer how-to’s” available online.

I’ve broken this down into chapters. Each chapter contains several links to hand-picked blog posts from kidmin experts that will help you recruit rock star volunteers, keep volunteers for the long-haul, effectively equip volunteers and so much more.

You’ll want to bookmark this page and use it as a resource.

Are you ready to get better at recruiting, training & leading volunteers?


Chapter 1: How to Recruit Awesome Volunteers

We all need more volunteers and many of us go about the recruiting process all wrong. Learn how to attract the right kind of volunteers and discover proven recruiting strategies.

How to Get More Volunteers  | Brian Dollar,

5 Tips for Volunteer Recruitment in Children’s Ministry | Tony Kummer,

19 Ways to Improve Your Ministry Recruiting | Greg Baird,

8 Ways to Get People on Your Team | Ryan Frank,

How to Never Have a Recruiting Problem | Karl Bastain,


Chapter 2: How to Keep Volunteers for the Long-Haul

It does no good to recruit volunteers if you don’t keep them. A big problem many children’s ministries face is that they’re constantly losing volunteers, which means they have to recruit more…the process is never ending. Imagine if once you had a team of rockstar volunteers, you kept them. Imagine if you had a dream team that was with you for the long-haul. Well, it’s possible! Check out these tips from long-time kidmins.

Why & How to Spoil Your Volunteers | Jim Wideman

Inside the Minds of Your Volunteers | Sam Luce,

11 Ways to Retain Volunteers | Greg Baird,

What Makes Student Volunteers Stick | Gina McClain,

How to Invest In Your Volunteers |


Chapter 3: Strategies for Training & Equipping Volunteers

Once you have awesome volunteers in place and you are working at keeping them, the next step is to train and equip them. Here’s a blueprint

21st Century Volunteer Training |

Proactive & Reactive Volunteer Training | Amy Dolan,

7 Ways to Help Volunteers Succeed | Greg Baird,

How & Why to Delegate | David Wakerly,

How to Avoid the #1 Mistake Ministry Leaders Make | Kenny Conley,


Bonus Chapter: Extra Resources

The two videos are more kidmin related rather than preteen. But they are pretty good. And I think we can all learn something from the Kids Quest Volunteer Handbook.

Children’s Ministry Recruiting Video | Christ UMC – Mobile, AL

I’m in Children’s Ministry Because… | Gospel Light

Kid Quest Volunteer Handbook | Kenny Conley,


If you have come across some great blog posts related to volunteers (or written one yourself), share it with us in the comment section below. Be sure to include a link.


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  • Janis Jones
    7 years ago

    Love your lessons. I especially like that the lessons are complete with scripture, related activity and life applicable. No need to piecemeal. I am looking for lessons for our Wednesday night Bible Study for our youth. My congregation cannot afford the $25 per month at this time, however, I am passing along the free lessons to the youth Bible study volunteer and and if the lessons are agreed upon, I will suggest that we do a penny drive or some sort of fund raiser to raise the total amount to pay the monthly fee.

    Question: Do you add new lessons annually?

    • Awesome! Be sure to sign up for our email list so you get all our new lessons and games right to your inbox 🙂