Bible Lessons for Kids

We’ve put together a growing list of FREE Bible lessons for kids. Use these in your children’s ministry, preteen ministry, children’s church, or Sunday School.

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Bible Lessons for Kids

Featured FREE Video Lesson – Best Story Ever

  • The Best Story Ever is a stand-alone VIDEO lesson designed to clearly, compellingly and creatively communicate the gospel message to kids and preteens 🙂
  • Our team has invested a lot of time, energy and money to make this lesson the best ever.
  • Why did we name it the Best Story Ever? Because the gospel message is the BEST STORY EVER!
  • The lesson comes complete with artwork, video, PowerPoint slides, small group activities, and discussion questions.
  • Watch the video that goes along with the lesson. We’ve created it in partnership with Digital Felt Productions. Watch it below:

Download Lesson, Artwork & PowerPoint Slides

Note: All the files are in a zip file and will not download on most mobile devices (smartphone, tablet, etc). If you experience any download issues while not using a mobile device, contact Nancy at

More Free Lessons for Kids (Elementary through 6th grade)

These free lessons are suitable for kids in elementary as well as preteens (4th-6th graders):


Bible Lessons for Preteens

These some free lessons that are suitable specifically for preteens (4th-6th graders)


Preteen Curriculum

This is a complete list of our preteen curriculum. While all the above Bible lessons for kids and preteens are free, the below curriculum costs money.

If you like our free stuff, you’ll love our paid stuff 🙂

Visit our online store here to view all our preteen ministry curriculum and resources.

Some of Our Most Popular Series

Seasonal Curriculum (Easter, Summer, Back to School, and Christmas)

Core Curriculum

Small Group Bible Study