[Video] Unlock the Power of a “Group Identity”

Tuesday I asked you the question, “Want Preteens to Never Miss Church Again?“. I answered that question by talking about how to unlock the power of a “group identity” in your preteen ministry. Here are two examples of how I am currently doing that in Pursuit, the preteen ministry I lead. You’ll find it helpful [...]
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How Running Helped Me Get to Know & Disciple My Preteen Son

This is a guest post from Tony Kummer of & My dad wasn’t around when I was a kid, so much of parenting my boys has felt like trial and error. Just knowing what to talk about is a struggle. This is where enjoying sports together has been a big help. We started [...]
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preteen ministry podcast - customizing curriculum

Free Ideas: Customize Curriculum

In this episode of the Free Ideas Podcast, brought to you by FourFiveSix, Jim Kast-Keat & Nick Diliberto talk about the “why” and “how” of customizing preteen curriculum. Jim and Nick both have a lot to say about this topic as they both create preteen ministry curriculum. Jim developed Connect and Nick is the creator of this [...]
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Free Ideas: Teaching Props

Have you ever been frustrated that your message wasn’t connecting with the preteens in your ministry? Do the 5th grade boys in the back of the room regularly cause a distraction in the middle of the lesson? Need some ideas on making your message stick? If so, then this FREE IDEAS podcast is for you! [...]
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a look back at 2012

Best Year Ever – A Look Back at 2012

As you probably know, we just released a new year’s series called Best Year Ever. As I oversaw putting it’s final pieces together last week, I was reminded of the power of reflection (an entire week’s lesson is on the topic). Reflection can be a powerful experience. So, it motivated me to do some reflecting on [...]
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Sneak Peek Into a New Preteen Ministry

I recently came across a new preteen ministry blog, The 5/6 Journal. Nick Bremmer, a student ministry leader new to leading preteens, got the urge to start a blog…and he did! The goal is to journal his weekly experiences, both the highs and lows. If you’re new to preteen ministry, just now launching one or simply [...]
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Preteen Ministry Space Makeover

Listen as Nick Diliberto, creator of, interviews Mike Sheley. This episode’s title: Extreme Preteen Ministry-Space Makeover. How can you intentionally design your preteen ministry space? What makes a room preteen friendly? Mike and Nick discuss these questions and more. FourFiveSix On-the-Air is a preteen ministry radio show brought to you every other Thursday by [...]
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Fall Kick-Off: Preteen Ministry

        Listen as Nick Diliberto, creator of, interviews Jim Kast-Keat, Preteen Pastor in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Jim discusses what he did to kick-off fall programming and how to be intentional about it. What works? What doesn’t work? How can launching the fall set you up for success the rest of the year? [...]
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